Hello World.


Hello, I built this blog using SvelteKit. A huge amount of the architecture behind this page is inspired by Svelteland's svelte-kit-blog-demo repository.

An idea that is commonly articulated about weblogs is that they are a good place to catalog one's thoughts and work. I'm hoping that in starting a blog (again), I will find motivation to share what I'm up to in a more informal & frequent setting.

A common theme with the things I've done in my life is that I used to do a lot of these things as a teenager, but, as I entered my twentys, these stopped being very important. In reflection, it feels like something that I have missed. I used to run a few weblogs both by myself and with friends where I talked about my fascination with the world of gadgets and technology at large.

Now, I intend to use this blog to not only continue my exploration of the world of technology, but also to share my thoughts on research, papers I read and general other thoughts.