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Muse is an ambient music generator written by Boulanger Labs and BT. It features Csound inside and it relies on the Leap Motion as its primary mode for input. Each screen has 16 cubes which contain a sound depending on the preset and key you pick. The hands control more than the cubes you pick, it also allows you to control timbers of the sounds by allowing you to control parameters of the sound as you move your hands further towards the screen.

Muse features six different screens - three separate chord screens, percussion, drones and ambiences. It uses Csound as its default audio engine.

I updated Muse to the latest versions of the frameworks that were used and helped minimize the number of bugs that were persistent in the code. I updated MIDI support and improved the graphical performance to a consistent 60 frames per second on any machine from 2011 onwards with an Intel i5 processor and integrated graphics.

I also helped with the Windows port for Muse and optimized the build to work at 60fps and over.