Logic Pro

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Genre: Ambient

Time: 9 minutes 57 seconds

Influenced by:

  • Jon Hopkins
  • Brian Eno


The piece is a representation of my fascination with the concept of time. Time is an important construct in how we perceive and understand Music and to that end, I’m fascinated by how music tends to alter our very perception of time. I wanted to experiment with the idea of ambient music being the purveyor of slowness.

Details of the recording:

I used Logic Pro X, a set of samples for instrumentation and a set of Logic’s default synthesizers. In particular, I used EXS24. I bounced the audio rigorously and used Logic almost akin to a tape machine by stretching and compressing audio as needed in order to create the synthesized ambient sounding background sounds.

The primary motif is in the key of Eb Mixolydian. I picked it for the b7 - I relationship that’s prevalent in music based around the Mixolydian mode.

The techniques used were inspired by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp’s experimentations with Tapes and their explanation of it in various articles. Fripp and Eno’s soundscapes are vastly different from soundscapes that Avant-Garde artists employ, They used Tape machines in conjunction with recorded loops in order to create their layered sounds in real time.